Get Started Now: The Basics

Building Personal Safety Nets brings clarity to life's upcoming challenges and changes. What additional support will you need to build a useful and rewarding PSN?

What If?

As you build your Personal Safety Net, or help someone else build a Personal Safety Net, you might consider sudden events that could happen to you.  The “What If’s” of everyday life.  What if I broke my leg?  Who can sign documents for me?  What if I am approaching childbirth alone?  What if I needed someone to watch my children suddenly?  Do all my emergency contacts know how to reach each other?  What if I can’t shop for myself?  Do I have someone who can help with home repairs?   What if I need help with transportation?  What if I need to change jobs or move?  What if someone I know needs help building a Personal Safety Net?

Download: A Personal Survey

Download: The PSN checklist

Download: Attributes and Skills Worksheet

What Support do I have?

In many instances, we have resources in our lives that we can call upon in times of crises, and when we need help.  As you look at the resources in your life, or that of someone else, ask yourself what resources are currently available to you.   What resources can I call on, including internal ones such as personal resilience?  What communities am I a part of?  What are my closely held beliefs?  How is my health and wellness?  Who are my close family and friends?

Whom can I Trust? For what? When?

If you believe you don’t have all of the resources available that you might need, you can start to create additional sources of help, and find more places where you can draw support.  Ask yourself the following: How might I build trusting relationships over time?  How do I know whom to trust? For what particular need?   What are my goals?

Whom to TrustTips on Making Friends

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