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Intellect: Keeping your brain in as high functioning a place as possible doesn’t happen without thought. Throughout life, from babyhood onwards, we can be learning new things. Are you curious about something? Your characteristic or quality. Can you join others to play scrabble or games that keep you thinking? Friends & family. Are there classes to be taken? Career or Retirement. Actively attending to your intellect can perk your spirits and send positive ripples to other aspects of your well-supported life. 

Here's some activities that relate to using and increasing your intellect:

  • Help keep this part of your Personal Safety Net organized by gathering and placing these in a place where you, and those you want to have the information, will be able to access it:
    • Passwords
    • Emergency contacts 1 and 2
    • Emergency information and plans
    • Keep a list or file of degrees, certificates, letters of recommendation
  • List 3 questions you have about things that have piqued your curiosity.
  • Choose one of those to pursue, and give yourself a way to do this.
  • Try out a new recipe, route, or skill.
  • Click here to see our complete organizational checklist to help you get (and stay) organized